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Merrily We Roll Along.jpg

Merrily We Roll Along

Franklin Shepard


Theater Latte Da

Directed by Peter Rothstein

Music Direction by Peter Hansen

September 21st- October 30th 2022

This innovative musical about a group of friends spans three decades, spooling backwards from their present-day lives to the optimistic beginning of their friendship. This cult-classic blends the excitement and humor of a backstage musical with the poignancy of regrets and reconciliations – featuring some of Stephen Sondheim’s most celebrated and personal songs including “Not a Day Goes By” and “Our Time.”

What They Are Saying..

twelve Angry Men 1.jpg



"Yet it proves a fine addition to what is already a strong story, although “Twelve Angry Men” maintains its greatest strength whether the words are spoken or sung: It’s a fine forum for excellent acting. And Latte Da’s production has that."

"But, honestly, this "Twelve Angry Men" is as close to flawless as it could be. The electrifying cast creates a true ensemble."

"...and Reese Britts as the slick ad exec. Each one of them creates a character so specific and lived in, they could each have a spin-off of their own."

"It is a breathtaking work, bringing a brand new patina to a time-tested classic. Beyond any reasonable doubt, this is one not to be missed."

Jelly's 5.webp



"Britts' singing is silky smooth, his footwork phenomenal.. and he creates a distinctive persona for Jelly Roll, a hopeless tangle of deep insecurity and arrogance."

"..a star-making turn for Reese Britts as Jelly. He had a breakout year in 2019 with a number of scene-stealing supporting roles (so much so that I named him "one to watch"), but this is the first time I've seen him in a starring role, totally owning the stage. It feels like he was born to play this role - the vocals, the dancing, the charisma, the raw emotionality, he's got it all. It's truly a joy to go on Jelly's journey with him."

"..magnetic performance by Reese Britts. His swaggering take on Morton is captivating, showing Britts to be a “triple threat” bound for great things with his acting, dancing and singing skills."

"Britts has an excellent and versatile voice, that works equally well across jazz, blues, and Dixieland.  Britts also shows off some impressive tap dancing"

"Jelly’s Last Jam is a show you need to experience live, to feel the rhythm of the music and tap dancing, to hear the soulful melodies from the instruments and the exceptional singers, to witness the brilliance of Reese Britts bringing to life this complex character."

Bennet 2.jpg

Jungle Theater, 2019

"New to the show this year is the utterly charming and adorkable Reese Britts as Arthur (he has become One To Watch this year). Reese and Christian are equally matched in their perfect delivery of the delightful and awkward and very nerdy banter that makes this one of my favorite couples in #TCTheater."

"Bardin and Britts work together exceptionally well, crafting moments of hilarity and tenderness perfectly tailored to Mary and Arthur’s romance. Physical and expressive, both manage to flow effortlessly between comedy and real heart."

"She is well partnered with Reese Britts as Arthur de Borugh; his performance is so charming I would scarcely know he is a recent UMD grad."

Artistry, 2019

"Reese Britts steals every scene he enters."

"Some of the songs like “Mama Says” really do nothing at all to advance the plot, but Reese Britts (Willard) holds the audience throughout the toe-tapping song."

"Reese Britts, who plays Willard Hewitt and Rusty's love interest, gives an unmissable comedic performance. His comedic timing is unmatched and dominates the stage. Britts is also a very skilled singer as well and it's shown off in this production. While Britts' comedic chops are certainly there, what stands out the most is how perfectly he captures the spirit of friendship that Willard has."

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